“I have been doing parkour for 8+ years, in which I have connected with many communities, participated in several competitions, and started my own gym. I have been formally teaching for over 4 years at Swift Movement Studio in Cincinnati, OH and I am an American Parkour Ambassador ans Sponsored Athlete. Coming from a background as a runner, the past couple years I have focused my training toward speed competition and have taken podium spots at NAPC, Beast FAST, EPC, and several other speed competitions. “

What inspires you about parkour?

“I’ve always been an athlete, from playing tee-ball when I was 4 years old through running on the Cross Country team in college. Parkour not only is a physical outlet for me but also allows me to express my creativity and test my mental limits. As a runner I always wanted to see how far or fast I could run, parkour has given me a much more fun way to do that while also providing me with an incredible community around the world to be a part of.”

What do you look forward to at Beast Coast?

“This will be my sixth Beast Coast and I’m still looking forward to the same things as every other year. The opportunity to meet and train with tons of new parkour people! It’s always exciting to see people of different skill levels and backgrounds just jamming on the same setup and building off of one another.”

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