Teka Thomas is a lawyer in Washington DC who stumbled onto a pain point a lot of people have.  After work one day in May of 2014, he wanted to go for a short jog.  His brand name hydration pack was just too big and cumbersome for the task.  Fanny packs and pockets were undesirable. “It was just a user experience thing, a normal backpack was just too much friction”.  Short outdoor excursions don’t require water or a lot of stuff, just essentials.

Internet searches for a low profile, minimalist backpack to easily slip on came back woefully short.  So he decided why not create something himself? Vrypac. Working with a relative who has a clothing company, Teka made several prototypes, each time getting feedback for friends and family.

It became clear immediately that the Vrypac would have several uses from the athletic to the pedestrian.  The versatility was encapsulated in an exchange with a couple who saw the final prototype:  The man said “this will be great for obstacle courses,” and his girlfriend replied “oh it’s too nice for that.”

At the very least, Vrypac makes a great gift for kids of all ages.

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