Beast Coast 2018

Beast coast this year had to be scaled back but don’t worry! We will still jam at the park and have some awesome guests like Sebastien Foucan! Stay tuned for more info!

Because sleep is important

APK Room Block @ Key Bridge Marriott
1401 Lee Hwy, Arlington, VA

Dates: May 25 – 28
Price: $150/night

To reserve click here! 

or call the hotel and tell them you’re part of the American Parkour group

Train with the best

More info on breakout sessions coming soon.

American Parkour is pleased to announce our “Sponsor a Beast for Beast” program. You can now buy a reduced price ticket that will sponsor one child from DC Public Schools to go to Beast Coast. We’re working closely with Miriam Kenyon, Director of Health and Physical Education for DC schools and two of her most influential Parkour teachers to make this happen. Proceeds help cover the costs of Beast Coast while giving a child a chance to attend. Thanks for your support – M2





Still haven’t gotten your fill of parkour training? On Sunday after Beast, check out the DC Area Hotspots Map for some great training locations! Here are some highlights:

Meridian Hill Park

Meridian is a big, open, public park with lots of walls and unique architecture. Good for large groups.

Georgetown University

Georgetown campus has spot after spot of great jumps. Try to keep groups small and be respectful of students/ faculty on campus.

Gateway Park Again

Even without the parkour set-up of Beast, Gateway is an awesome training spot. Plus, you know right where it is!

The Hotspot map contains a ton of good little spots, so explore and have fun!


Special Guests

Traceurs from around the world

Sebastien Foucan

Sébastien Foucan, the founder of freerunning, is coming to Beast Coast! The final trip of his US tour is Washington DC for b



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