Beast Coast 2018

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FAST Contest

The Beast Coast 2017 Fast Contest has a new and unique format that invites community participation from people of all levels.

Fast Contest course will be open for 6 hours each day Saturday and Sunday.
Anyone can run the course unofficially for $1 which will go towards a Parkour Charity – there run will be timed, but not judged for accurate completion.
Anyone can run for an officially scored time for $5: $4 of which will go to the prize pot and $1 to the charity – these runs will be monitored by a course official and a suitable number of course judges to ensure accurate completion of the course.

Participants can run as often and many times as they like (provided they wait their turn should a line occur). We will keep an active leaderboard on a monitor at the course, as well as a live video feed of the course.

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